Wallet Circle

HyperLocal engagement platform for bricks-n-mortar retailers


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wallet Circle is making the techniques used by e-commerce businesses to increase sales available to bricks-n-mortar retailers. Wallet Circle integrates iBeacons with any retail billing software, creating a revolutionary platform that allows retailers unprecedented access to customer data and opportunities for engagement. Wallet Circle is easy to implement for the retailer and easy to use for the customer. It brings together multiple data sources to level the playing field for SMBs and is differentiated from any other products on the market for five reasons: 1. Unique POS Link technology: Wallet Circle’s competitors don’t have a technology like POSLink, so they can’t integrate with retailers billing software and can’t provide customer purchase data. Without this, iBeacons are of limited use. 2. Target Market: Competitors are targeting large retailers while Wallet Circle’s market is SMBs. We’re helping smaller businesses compete not just with e-commerce but large high street chains 3. Targeting customers based on past purchase: Nectar and Clubcard get a customer’s purchase history from a retailer and then send targeted offers and recommendations. They don’t reach out to customers instantly based on their location i.e. when they are in the retailer’s store. 4. Targeting customers based on location: Existing competitors can reach out to customers based on their location but have no information on their purchase history. This increases the likelihood of customers receiving irrelevant offers and could potentially annoy a shopper. 5. Platform mind-set: Some competitors create branded apps for each retailer and hope customers will engage businesses individually. Wallet Circle is focused on one platform – the Wallet Circle app - for all SMB businesses, minimising consumer confusion and the number of apps they need to have on their handset while maximising accessibility and ease of use.


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