Walk With Friends!

Walk the world in the comfort of your own neighborhood!


Monday, January 18, 2016

Walk The World in the Comfort of Your Neighborhood! Set route, invite friends, and enjoy! Here is an example: * Set route from Hollywood, CA to Long Beach, CA , which is a 27.93-mile route. * Invite friends to walk with you. * Anywhere you walk moves your map pin along the route. * Track both your progress and your friends’ progress along the route. * Post your progress to Twitter and Facebook. * Select and save a default map pin color for all routes or let App select random color. * Leave notes for friends walking the route with you. * You have to be ahead of your friends to leave a note! * Read notes once you have reached them along the route. The Walk With Friends! App tracks every step and mile you walk with your iPhone and adds those miles to every route you have created or accepted from a friend. The App also shows steps and miles walked during the current day. iCloud is required to share data with friends, but the App can be used without sharing. You can create any route in the world that Apple servers cover. The Walk With Friends! App can find walking routes or driving routes based on your selection. If the App cannot find your requested route, it will default to “any route” as defined by Apple map servers. Apple Watch component coming soon! Full sneakers ahead!


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