Vectr is a knowledge sharing application for consumers and organizations.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Vectr is Seattle-based technology startup focused on reinventing internet Q&A and curiosity. We started by asking ourselves the question, what prevents most people from sharing knowledge on the internet (with forums and Q&A sites). On one hand we are afraid to ask, perhaps embarrassed. On the other, we don't know where to direct our questions or answers. We found that the best solution actually addresses both of these problems, and what we ended up developing is precisely the intersection of Snapchat and Wikipedia. The advantages of Vectr are (i) timely and direct information transfer, and (ii) accessing undiscovered knowledge. Vectr makes people more INFORMED by providing them with quality expert-driven information. Vectr makes people more CONNECTED by allowing them to share their own curated knowledge real-time. Vectr makes people more EMPOWERED through the anonymity and ephemerality of the app allowing them to feel comfortable asking questions.

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