Create a Beautiful Story for Your Child

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A freshman-class graduate of the Disney Accelerator program and backed by high-profile investors including Ivanka Trump and Larry Page, Twigtale offers families a unique story crafting platform that brings new meaning to story time. By making children protagonists in expertly-scripted narratives specific to each family’s journey, Twigtale enables parents to equip their children with knowledge and, in the process, brings families closer together. Covering a multitude of topics including sharing, understanding emotions, changing family dynamics, moving and separation anxiety to name a few. Twigtale’s easy-to-use story creation tools allow for deep customization with family photos, personalized storylines and more. People of all ages can access Twigtale online or via the mobile app to craft “handmade” family stories and lifelong memories. Why Twigtale? Stories are so much more than bedtime fantasies about princesses and dragons. They are visual scripts for young children that help them organize and interpret daily events and understand the world, their family and themselves. Twigtale books are specially designed to provide guidance for parents seeking an open, honest and healthy family dynamic. By placing the child at the center of the story, and allowing for parents to fully personalize each tale, Twigtale books facilitate a much deeper and more meaningful connection than traditional storytelling methods. In the US alone, half of all children will witness the breakup of a parent’s marriage; 3.2 million children will be the victims of bullying each year; and virtually every child will at some point struggle with bedtime. Twigtale empowers parents to create dialogue in a non-threatening way so when children are faced with obstacles, they’ll be able to overcome them with confidence and increased self-esteem. Twigtale Features All books are scripted by childhood experts, therapists, medical professionals and educators to ensure parents have the tools to communicate effectively with children. The growing library of titles cover a multitude of topics and are fully customizable to suit every family’s specific needs. Parents can add in pictures of their kids and edit text to make each story unique to their family. Stories can be crafted online at or by using the Twigtale app on iOS devices. Soft cover books are available for $19.99 and select titles are now available in hard cover for $29.99

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