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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Trigger- discover trending news: Accolades: America's #1 News App, June 2015. Top 50 overall for iOS. People who love to read and share content on mobile absolutely love Trigger, a sociable news aggregator that does things differently. There's a lot of content on the internet. Trigger is our way of cutting through all that noise. Trigger hand-picks the best sources and uses a "social momentum" algorithm so you get only the good stuff that you want and "before" your friends. Browsing is easy with our intuitive, elegant interface and zero-second load times. With Trigger you're always: First in Time - You get the web's best content almost an hour before it starts trending. We predict popularity and give it to you first. First in Sharing - Do you love asking your friends "Have you read this yet?" Getting the best content first lets you share on your terms. Go deeper and use our "Overlooked" feature to find the things you and your friends care about but haven't read yet. We compute your personal reading profile and your Twitter feed to dig up the best recent articles that you and friends might not have read. First in Flexibility - We know you don't always want to read the same stuff during the day as you do at night. Trigger matches your mood at the flip of a switch, instantly changing from serious to more lighthearted content. Please take it for a test spin from iTunes: Youtube Videos:


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