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Saturday, September 23, 2017

TradeTracker is a new application made by college-level stock traders looking to modernize the stock world. With a goal of simplifying mobile-based portfolio tracking, the developers at TradeTracker have set out to rid users of the annoyances we have experienced while trading. TradeTracker is excited to bring an app that combines realtime stock data with communication abilities such as forums and blogs. The application features a behind the scenes filtering system which allows the user to receive news and information pertaining to their stocks only, not general tags which bring in loads of unnecessary information. We know how valuable each second can be when trading, and we want the days of scrolling through useless information to be forever in the past. TradeTracker features the ability to connect our application with your brokerage, syncing your portfolio to our app and eliminating the hours spent populating your watchlists. Additionally, you may set a list of interests to collect news and other information about sectors which you may not be directly following with current investments. For example, a tech sector trader may be able to follow the precious metals market without having to cross the two sectors and flood information for both into one stream. TradeTracker looks to combine traditional trading with modern technology. A trade app made by everyday traders looking to bring more users into the stock market world by streamlining and simplifying complex data and information. TradeTracker is the whole market, in your pocket.

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