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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Touch Surgery was founded by surgeons with a vision of raising the standards of global surgery through the use of mobile technology. By combining core concepts from gaming, surgical training, and cognitive task analysis, we've created highly engaging and accurate training and rehearsal simulations for surgical experts, medical students, and enthusiasts alike. Touch Surgery has already been integrated into surgical training curriculums and is used by hundreds of thousands of surgical trainees and leading surgeons in every country on earth, who strive to improve their technical skills and surgical decision making. Additionally, we are constantly establishing partnerships with leading healthcare institutions and associations in order to develop the most cutting edge and accurate interactive learning modules available anytime, anywhere. Touch Surgery is designed for hardware that already sits in most people's pockets, which makes it easily adoptable and potentially infinitely scalable. By offering our simulator on iOS and Android platforms, we allow surgeons and surgical trainees to improve their skills at any time - be it between operations, on their commute to work, or whilst at home - anywhere in the world. To create our simulations, we partner with leading surgeons, institutions, and organisations such as Stanford, Duke, and UCL, and many others, and employ animators who have worked on Finding Nemo, Avatar, Gravity, Harry Potter, and 007 movies.

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