Meal Planning Has Never Been This Easy


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ThinkYum is an online meal planning service that provides dinner recipes every week to our customers, in addition to the weekly recipes, customers have access to every recipe we've ever created. And YES, all of the recipes on our website were hand crafted by our experienced recipe developers. Our current developer hails from Paris and has been doing a fabulous job of creating amazing meals! There are two subscription plans available: $5/month or $25/ year. Upon subscribing, each customer will be emailed a link every Thursday afternoon to directly access their weekly meal plan; detailed, step-by-step instructional recipes with full color photos; and the related itemized shopping list. As we continue to grow our service, we will add additional meal plans that cater to a wide variety of dietary requirements, even custom plans if none of the pre-defined options suit you. We are going to partner with grocery chains and grocery delivery services so that for a small fee you can have your groceries picked up at the store and delivered to your doorstep.


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