Splore - an innovative photo-sharing app for the visual storytellers of a new generation.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

With the growing appetite for mobile apps and the necessity of social media, there is something new that occurs everyday that asks early adopters and excited potential users to participate in. But, most users never see the engagement or validation they’re looking for when joining these channels. A quiet storm brews. With it comes change. That change has come in the form of the... Splore app. It's not about the number of followers or likes you get. It's about receiving the true recognition you deserve. Splore-an innovative photo-sharing app that allows users from all around the globe to showcase their content and get it recognized by their peers. Splore users follow the hashtag (not other users) and discover trendsetting content. With its “Reddit” influenced style, Splore is a place where the “99%” can be the ruler of the day. Splore has a team of “behind the scenes” curators to make sure every voice is being heard. Founded in early 2014, Splore was created by two young millennials, former financier, Chris Karimian (CEO and founder) and trend-setting designer, Samy Abbas (co-founder and creative director). Their ambitious goal was to create a sub-culture aimed at other millennials to provide them with a creative voice and exposure their peers have been craving for. Chris’s first thought was to use an algorithm where a user would follow only his or her own interests and see a home feed of photos being posted. You would never see the same image twice and the uploaded content with the most up-votes would rise to the top to trend worldwide. Samy would soon introduce the concept of hashtags and the parallax feature to Splore, along with the entire visual aesthetic and design. It didn’t take long for the two to find hungry investors and grow their team. Splore now consists of 10-15 team-members and has currently raised $300k in funding. Splore is the creative platform that rebels against the norm. The nomadic writers. The late night painters. The visual storytellers of a new generation. We don't follow trends. We make them. Is Splore the “anti-Instagram”? The next “big thing” for young millennials to flock to? Only time will tell. But the movement is here and it is growing.

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