Speuland - The World of Wall street


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Welcome to Speculand! Speculand is a game made by a young developer from Poland. Speculand will check if you fit for a real bull of Wall Street, real mackler. Get into the role of an investor, whose task is to buy as many shares as possible with only 600$! Beautifull old school graphic will help you with it. Every single game has a different course. Prices of shares are randomly drawn following random trends. Prices of shares of each of the two listed companies vary independently. Your job is to catch moments when the sum of two prices is the lowest, because you always buy two at one tap. Prices change quickly! You must show good reflex. Your income is obtained by adding the remaining money to the value of purchased shares (calculated on the basis of the mean price from the whole period) and then subtracting your start money (600$). Your final score will be evaluated in percent comparing your income to the maximal possible one. So do not wait, just download, and transfer to the world of money!


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