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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Why do we make Skygear? That's a good question to ask. We build it because we *NEED* it, and we think there exists others who also need it. We go for building elegant software; we believe in the DRY ('t_repeat_yourself) principle; we think open-source software does not only benefit programmers but the whole world. Skygear is a gear that built for *building*. Like a crane that helps you build a skylon tower, Skygear aims to help developers build world class app with less concern. Back to the topic - we are a software studio that has years of experience building the best applications, including the Best App of 2013 on AppStore and various well-known brands and products. During the process of developing and designing products for different clients, we consolidate our professional experience in product development. We've put all useful components into an extensible tool kit, we named it: Skygear.


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