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Monday, May 18, 2020

Shazzle is THE Privacy Company. When Privacy Matters to you and your family. When you want to express yourself without ramifications. When your job could be effected by your social life. When you want to share with your friends and family without the public scrutiny. ShazzleChat connects you with your party(s) and never keeps record of your delivered content and never limits the amount of content you may deliver. We don’t store your memories, they are yours, not ours. Our system is designed to keep us connecting you not recording or profiling you. Shazzle believes privacy is liberty. We do not store your information because we do not see or store your information. Our system is built to insure this does not happen. ShazzleChat offers a decentralized platform in which each smartphone becomes a user’s private network which we believe reduces man in the middle, device at rest, and aggregate server security breaches. No centralized record of the contents of the communication is ever created. Further, because the content itself resides only with the Sender and Recipient, Shazzle prevents the data aggregation, data-mining, and discovery to which all web communications are exposed.


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