Remi Pty Ltd

Australian Research Firm Specialising in General A.I


Monday, December 5, 2016

Remi is an Artificial Intelligence (A.I) research firm. We take inspiration from neuroscience to design algorithms that emulate mammalian brains and, in our highest ambitions, human intelligence. Our focus is on developing and employing General A.I, that is, algorithms designed to excel at any task, in opposition to Narrow A.I which is designed to excel at one task only. We hope to bring the next wave of algorithms to the marketplace allowing solutions to be developed while keeping costs to a minimum. Within the Remi Group there are three sections: Applied, Products, and Research. We believe there is a distinct advantage in having different objectives for the group, while allowing movement of the team between them. APPLIED. The broad objective of our applied solutions is to engineer A.I to tackle complex problems. Our team is dedicated to working for the common good, and doing what's right, in addition to being deeply passionate about building great A.I software and a successful company. Our solutions are based on one of two aspects of the brain. The first is the idea of predicting what will come next, and the second of an A.I agent, which can not only predict what will come next, but act upon that prediction. PRODUCTS: The algorithms developed in the lab are built into software and application products of which there are currently 2 in development, an iOS app and web API. The broad objective of our app is fundamentally simple: Build an A.I. Build as intelligent an A.I as we can. Not just a chat-bot or just a Personal Assistant, but a full-blown A.I that talks, thinks and most importantly learns. RESEARCH - The last, most fundamental aspect of the group. Our company is founded on a long-term research plan, with a vision to improve the world around us through neuroscience inspired artificial intelligence.


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