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Thursday, August 3, 2017

RELIVIT – A MODERN DAY VIDEO BLOG. CAPTURE, CURATE, COMPILE, AND SHARE LIFE’S BEST MOMENTS. Australian app development start-up Congero is launching RELIVIT today. This new app is all about allowing users to easily capture, curate, compile and share life’s best moments. Taking photos and videos and sharing these with your friends is certainly nothing new, however RELIVIT is looking to stream-line not only how you create and share great videos of your holidays and important life moments, but also make storing them super easy. RELIVIT centers around capturing (or importing via your camera roll) short videos (up to 3 seconds long) or images. Unlike some other apps, RELIVIT lets you record a longer video in the app, and then select the very best few seconds to save as a “moment”. You then tag the moment, so you can find it and similar moments easily. Conveniently, the original video is also saved to your camera roll should you ever need it. Select multiple moments, in whatever order you wish, and merge them together to form a “compilation” video. Compilations can be shared straight to Facebook, Instagram or exported to your camera roll to share via your messaging app. The idea with RELIVIT is to offer an alternative, more user-friendly option to other mobile video creation apps such as 1SE (One Second Everyday), that is both free to download, and really satisfying to use. As you use RELIVIT, and start taking (and uploading from your camera role) various short 3 second “moments” from great holidays, nights out, or special events such as weddings, engagement parties, or birthday parties, the process becomes strangely addictive. It also becomes abundantly clear that given the simplicity of taking a short video with the app, this app isn’t just for life’s big occasions. The real value that users can get from it, is the ability to take daily short videos of their life, and create short, summary-style clips of specific time-periods. Easily create summaries of what you got up to last week, last month, even the past year. Once you have created a Compilation, RELIVIT allows you to easily share this to your Facebook or Instagram feeds. Why post dozens of separate photos to yet another online photo album on Facebook, when you can kill ‘two birds with one stone’ and simply post a RELIVIT video to your wall and showoff dozens of short snippets, curated to the most action packed moments.

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