Saturday, May 13, 2017

Never forget a pill again.

PROBLEM If you’re like most people, you have a couple of vitamins or medications. And unless you’re really weird, you don’t take them perfectly on schedule all the time. In fact, most people only take their prescriptions correctly about 50% of the time, a problem that costs 125,000 lives and hundreds of billions in unnecessary health expensese each year. But it’s not our fault; humans evolved to hunt mastadons and reproduce, not remember mundane, repetitive things like taking pills. It’s taken awhile but behavioral scientists have developed techniques to help people learn how to manage this type of stuff. That’s where Pillsy comes in . PILLSY IS LIKE HAVING A PERSONAL ASSISTANT FOR YOUR PILLS Pillsy is like having a personal assistant for your pills. The physical part of the product is a smart pill bottle that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth. Pillsy keeps track of your schedule for you and sends intelligent reminders when you forget. It will also send you warnings if you are about to double-dose. Finally, Pillsy can help you take care of a loved one, even if they live far away. HOW IT WORKS The smart pill cap stores your schedule and syncs to the app whenever you’re in range. If you forget, it will beep and blink, and the app will send notifications or text messages. If you open the container, Pillsy will record it for you and you can go about your day. All of this happens automatically; you can always open your app to see your history, but you don’t need to for Pillsy to work. Getting setup is easy and can be done in 1-2 minutes. The smart pill cap has a 1-year battery life. The battery is replaceable so you can use Pillsy for years. OUR TEAM Our team has experience developing mobile and Bluetooth-based wearable products at companies like Microsoft, Fitbit, Jawbone, Nokia, MIT Lincoln Lab and other startups. We’ve used our experience to make sure that Pillsy is a great. THE LAUNCH We’ve already been working on Pillsy for over two years, with beta testers that have been using the product for over 1-year. We’ll be ready to start shipping to customers in April or May of this year.


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