Phonal AI

Overcome the fear of public speaking with AI and VR


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Do you feel anxious while speaking in public? Or just can't overcome yourself even to get started with the public speaking? OK, most of us do. But it shouldn't be so. Get rid of the fear of public speaking easily with Virtual Reality and get AI suggestions on how to improve your speeches. While VR is a proven way to get rid of anxiety, Phonal AI checks your speeches' pace, tone of voice, amplitude, length of words and sentences you use and give you data-driven feedback and suggestions on improvements. Works as a mobile application with VR mode inside. VR mode works well with any cardboard or mobile headset like Google Daydream. Even if you haven't cardboard or headset yet - it's not a problem. You can start with our mobile app first, practicing and improving your speeches performance, and then proceed with VR when you're ready. Sounds good enough to try? Just get invited at!


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