Out Of Sight

Out Of Sight: Exciting New Special Forces themed iOS Running App


Sunday, June 21, 2015

New running app based on authentic Special Forces missions Out Of Sight (00S) is a new immersive Special Forces running app designed and produced by former Special Forces (SF) operatives and experts in health tech. By activating the app while out running, players will seek to gain selection as an elite SF operative, before undertaking authentic missions that range from Counter Terrorism to Hostage Rescue. Players assume the role of a blended Special Forces and secret agent character (Lima 8), getting both physically and mentally fitter, while picking up real world Special Forces knowledge and skills. CEO, Andy Stafford: ‘It will be unlike any Special Forces experience gained through books, film or even video games. This will be a first­player experience based on real­life situations where your heart beats like no other.’ The strength of the audio stories and the 3D quality sound are key components of this unique fitness game. Realistic missions are recorded using the voices of former SF personnel and incorporate not only authentic settings from desert to jungle, and urban to rural, but also hyper­realistic sounds of gunfire, radio transmission, other unit operatives, helicopters and fast jets. These sounds help create an immersive experience that differentiates from the outset. Physical and mental challenges provide exclusive insight into the world of Special Forces Gameplay will consist of both physical missions and mental challenges – just like those faced by an SF operative. By successfully completing the running missions, players will collect points, along with items and intelligence for use in the mental challenges in the game. Players need to make sense of these in order to plan for upcoming missions, and to learn some of the “know­how” of an experienced SF operative. The skills they’ll pick up, such as crisis planning, first aid, communications and survival, are equally applicable in real life, and serve to provide an exclusive insight into the world of Special Forces.


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