Ollie Cash Gift Card

The first gift card that allows you to choose how much to Save, Spend, or Give

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Ollie Gift Card was developed based on our shared frustration in giving and receiving gift cards for kids. We realized children’s interests changed frequently and we were tired of the excess "stuff" for children in our lives. We wanted to give and receive cash for them to spend on activities, education, experiences, or just save money for something they cherished in the future. Ollie Gift Card: Simple cash gift that gives choice on how much to spend, save or give. You can now gift cash directly to their Ollie account without worrying about it not be used and losing value due to card fees. Your child can add your gift to past gifts so that they don’t ask their parent to add their own money. Your child enjoys opening the Ollie personalized box and enjoys your visual message. You empower them with financial literacy to learn to how to grow their gift in their savings or splurge a portion of the gift to something they love. We would love for you to experience our beta launch and invite others who you know to gain early access to the product. We are determined to fine tune this product to ensure becomes an exciting and easy to use gifting experience!

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