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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

At Nepsu, We create home essential electronics to shape our world into a better place. We believe it is best to start by making our home a greater one. As we often spend a great amount of time at home, it is wise to make it worth our stay. We want it to be more enjoyable and defined by our personal tastes. As each person is influenced by their immediate environment, we create the most versatile, unique and customizable home solutions to make their life more comfortable and to contribute to their personal development. By merging beautiful design with the latest technologies, we are able to craft the intelligent consumer-relevant home solutions of tomorrow, such as our first product, the Nepsu Triangle. Designed to be fully customizable, it will complement any environment. Every home is unique and must be adapted to its owner’s preferences. That is why, the Nepsu Triangle is the most versatile wireless speaker for your home. With multiple speakers in separate rooms, set the atmosphere by playing your favourite songs for a whole home audio experience. Each room a different song, or one song in any combination of rooms, you decide.


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