A DJ in your pocket, that you control


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

You know that magic feeling when the DJ somehow knows the perfect track to play, and keeps doing it for a whole set? It’s the best feeling in the whole universe. Great DJs and curators get paid big money because playing the right tracks, in the right order, is really hard. You’ll understand if you’ve ever tried to create your own perfect music playlists. Having all the music in the world available on your smartphone just makes it harder. With Muru, we have created an advanced computer algorithm so powerful, it automagically finds the perfect music for your vibe and creates a playlist around it. It’s some serious next level s__t. You could spend hours making your own playlist, but you could also roast, grind and make your own coffee and let Muru create the playlist for you. Just tap, adjust and hear the perfect music, every time. With Muru. Muru currently works on top of your Spotify Premium account and is completely free while in Beta. Muru is a discovery tool that allows you to create music journeys that progress through genres and connect the right songs, much like a DJ does. Pick your start and end and set your duration - perfect playlists within seconds every time. Something not right? simply move the sliders to adjust the music to fit your vibe.


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