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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mobtags are means to locate and be located at any time, in real time. The user can be tracked through his or her device and can be viewed as a tag on the map. You can create your personal mobtag, search for other users and exchange messages. Mobtags can be used for various objectives, such as finding friends in a specific place, mark the location of an event or even as a security measure, tracking family members, or any other user. Users Each registered user owns a MobTag, which can be located at any time, given he or she is currently using the service. Users without an account can create a temporary MobTag which can be located for up one hour without being updated. Broadcast Message Users can post messages to anyone who is currently tracking his/her MobTag. The message will be visible to anyone using the service. Privacy Control When the user sets its mobtag visibility, anyone who looks for that specific mobtag will be able to find it on the map. Likewise, when it is set as invisible, you can continue using the service, but no one will be able to find you.


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