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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Merj allows users to create a network of friends that they would actually want to hang out with and then share their availability and events with those people. Think of it like Path, in regards to the close relationships among users, but for finding plans. Merj separates itself from other forms of social networks in its emphasis on driving real-world interaction. Merj allows users to provide two forms of content: availability and events. "Availability" offers a user the ability to let their friends know when they are looking for something to do; maybe their closest friends are out of town and they aren't sure who to text, Merj lowers the barrier to messaging someone they haven't talked to in a while. "Events" allow users to create events with limited or unlimited numbers of spots available for friends to join as well as with interest tags that when matching a friend's interests will notify that user of the new event. Common applications are pickup sports, parties, day trips.


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