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Monday, October 15, 2018

THE BEAUTY OF MOVIES HAS NEVER BEEN CLEARER Lunet is a beautiful and mesmerizing solution for your movie tracking needs. The iOS app has been designed from scratch constantly paying attention to the content it's hosting. Movies, actors, and creators are always put first as they are the real shining stars of the show. You deserve to admire them without any distractions in a simple and elegant way. Period. DISCOVER AND EXPLORE You can stop wondering what's playing now or coming soon in your region - Lunet will gladly tell you. Would you like to overcome the limits and discover beautiful movies from all around the world instead? Not a problem at all. Moreover, you can easily explore popular or top rated movies coming from the big and vibrant TMDb community. FIND MOVIES AND PEOPLE Simply start typing to find desired movies or people. You're just a few letters away from finding this movie with a really long title that you've recently heard about. Maybe it would be easier by looking for its starring actor first? You can do it as well. ADD YOUR OWN LISTS In addition to following movies on the To Watch and Watched lists (with an option to mark the watching date), add as many personal lists as you wish and group your favorite movies there. Of course, one movie can be placed in many lists. The sky is the limit. ADD RELEASE NOTIFICATIONS Have you ever missed a grand premiere of the movie that you've been waiting for? That won't be a case anymore. You will be always up to date thanks to the personal release notifications. Moreover, you are the one to choose a date of the reminder that suits you best. Two days before or rather an exact release day? The choice is yours. ADMIRE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS Enter your personal kingdom and admire a beautiful graph with a number of movies watched by you every month. The graph is going only up and up, right? Dig deep into your To Watch, Watched, and personal lists. "What was a name of this movie I've recently seen?" You won't need to ask this question anymore. Go through a timeline of all your movie ratings to remember which ones of them were really worth watching. MORE GREATNESS TO COME! "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Laozi Movies are just the beginning for Lunet. Tracking TV Shows, games, and books. Amazing Image Viewer or a gorgeous iPad support. It's all on the roadmap. Actually, you're the one shaping the roadmap. If you found a nasty bug, have feedback, or want to see a particular feature

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