A pre-filter for your inbox.

Monday, September 27, 2021

lockrMail is a free productivity tool that acts as a pre-filter for your inbox, providing you with a unique and secure email address to use online. Our service offers several key features that distinguish us from other solutions:

  • lockrMail is fully mobile optimized - all features can be accessed seamlessly from any mobile device.
  • lockrMail offers proprietary advanced filters. In addition to binary allow and block options per Sender, lockrMail also allows you to create and enable custom filters, curating which emails are delivered from each brand.
  • lockrMail has a convenient browser extension that enables you to easily use your lockrMail email across the web.
  • lockrMail offers one-click blocking straight from the email using the lockrMail email wrapper.
  • lockrMail provides you access to blocked emails - no more FOMO!
  • lockrMail can be used at the point of sale. Unlike other solutions built solely for online registrations and account management, lockrMail is a public-facing, easy-to-remember, persistent email address that can be used anywhere you are in the world.
  • lockrMail users can reply to emails from their lockrMail email address - keeping their identity private and secure for all communications.
  • lockrMail works with all email clients, but does not require integration or authentication into your email account.

Create your free account today and regain control of your inbox.

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