lifeshot is a digital flashmob - a free social media that captures life as it is!


Thursday, January 7, 2016

lifeshot is a digital flashmob – a free social network for IOS and Android smartphones. It captures life as it is at the same point in time. The captured moment, in form of a photo, cannot be edited (no filter) and cannot be uploaded from the smartphone gallery. Because we at lifeshot believe that there is beauty in every single moment. At lifeshot you can join a public or secret lifeshot-event to capture your instant moment. Public lifeshots are events where every or parts of the worldwide lifeshot users can participate at the same time. Every user can launch a secret lifeshot: invite your friends and challenge them to show the unique instantly moment at the same point in time. At lifeshot you never know when a lifeshot event starts. You will be surprised and invited through a push notification on your smartphone. After you got the invitation you have only 5 minutes to capture the world around you and upload the photo with a personalized shotstory. You cannot edit your photos with filters or other effects and you cannot upload a photo from your own smartphone gallery. Your photo will be uploaded in the gallery, where all the worldwide captured pictures at the same time, are available. There you can like or comment the single photos. For public lifeshots every user can see and comment your picture. When you participate on a secret lifeshot with your friends, only the invited user can like an write a comment to your picture. To find new friends you can send or accept a friend request. We at lifeshot believe in the beauty of every single moment, because every moment belongs to our life - even if this are sad or happy moments. Enjoy consciously every instant and join the lifeshot community. Challenge your friends and have fun! lifeshot - capturing life as it is.


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