JotForm Cards

JotForm Cards: The Friendly Way to Ask

Thursday, July 19, 2018

JotForm Cards is one of 2 options available on JotForm, an online form-building tool. While Classic forms, present questions all on one page, forms created with JotForm Cards ask questions one at a time. JotForm Cards is optimized for increased conversions, and is designed to hold customers’ attention with vibrant and interactive features, including emoji sliders, progress bars, micro animations, and more. JotForm Cards features: 1. One-question-per-page format Forms made with JotForm Cards have higher conversion rates due to a streamlined approach of asking one question at a time. 2. Motivational Features A dynamic progress bar and overview navigation functionality make it easy for customers to complete their form. 3. Fun Components JotForm Cards offers fun and friendly form options including emoji feedback sliders and engaging icons. 4. Real-time feedback JotForm Cards provides interactive, real-time feedback in the form of micro animations and suggestions to guide customers towards valid answers. Mistakes, such as invalid email addresses are prevented with shaking motions. 5. Smart Embed The revolutionary Smart Embed feature automatically adjusts form designs to a website’s aesthetic including colors, fonts, and style. The look and feel of the resulting online form is completely customizable.

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