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Monday, May 25, 2015

HipPocket—The Private Social Network for Realtors™. The Most Effective Way for Realtors to Discover and Market Pre-MLS and Pocket Listings Realtors spend an inordinate amount of time communicating with each other. With 30-40% of properties now sold outside of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) as ‘Pocket Listings’, the problem is even worse. It’s an afternoon posting to various Realtor social media groups and networks, then emailing, calling, and text messaging, followed by often the same reply over and over again. With 88% of buyers and sellers in the US represented by a Realtor it is clear that they are the linchpins in the residential real estate process and they deserve a far better way to communicate with each other. Considering they are helping clients with one of the most important transactions of their life, they need one place they can go to have one conversation with their entire Realtor community, in real time. A place where a Realtor can find qualified buyers faster, and quickly and efficiently kick start their marketing efforts. Now there is. HipPocket is a private social network for Realtors. It is a secure, private space, accessible only by licensed real estate agents (and eventually Brokers) that enables them to easily discover and market pre-MLS and pocket listings and needs. HipPocket places the listing or need at the heart of the conversation with the local Realtor community. With a listing or buyer representative agreement in their hands on the client’s doorstep, rather than waiting 2-weeks to get everything uploaded into the MLS, with a few simple clicks the Realtor can kickstart their marketing and discovery efforts all before they’ve got back to the office. With HipPocket being free to join, an entire Realtor community can sign up and start instantly marketing their client properties and needs to each other, significantly increasing the chances of finding a seller or buyer match.

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