An adaptive language learning platform for intermediate learners


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Millions of language learners quit at the intermediate level. Why? Making improvement at this level requires time and effort to interact with real-world materials. These materials, however, are often too difficult without guided help, or simply too boring. Most learners do not have the time and patience to search for materials that match their level, comb through a dictionary and making self-assessment flashcards. Helium wants to solve that problem by using intelligent algorithms to match real-world content to the learners' ability. Each lesson is accompanied by detailed explanation and automatic quizzes, to create a truly personalized learning engine. With Helium, learners get a daily lesson plan based on their own learning goals. Each lesson is consisted of real-world content that match their level. The entire text is annotated with detailed explanation and translation. Helium remembers how well you learn, and automatically quiz you in future lessons. Helium's goal is to promote foreign language literacy across the world.


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