FItspur helps you find your fitness buddies

Monday, November 16, 2015

Find your Motivation partner on the go within seconds. If fitness is a social activity for you like watching movies and you need companions who will motivate you in your favorite sport then Fitspur is the place for you. It is an easy to use app, just download the app, pick out your favourite sport or activity, enter your preferred location, click enter and voila! It’s that simple. As human beings we need camaraderie for almost everything that we do, from Movies to Dinners, from clubbing to shopping and so on. This is also applicable when it comes to fitness, research says that that ‘People who workout alone have a 43% success rate, as against those who workout with a partner, show 95% success rate,’ And that’s where FitSpur comes into the picture, an easy tool to find your activity partners, pair up with them, enjoy your favorite sport and most importantly stay motivated throughout the course of it. Recreational activities break the monotony and create a diversion from the daily routine especially when more than two people are engaged in it; it’s the best way to stay motivated and consistent.

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