Dot - The Physical Push Notification

Intelligent and Contextual Smartphone Notifications

Monday, November 7, 2016

At this point, we’ve crammed a huge amount of information into our smartphones. Often times, it’s difficult to break through the noise and find relevant, important information. Over the past year, our team has made it our mission to streamline and improve people’s lives by organizing their information by the right time and place. We wanted to make smartphone notifications more intelligent and contextual. Introducing Dot, the physical push notification that tells your phone where you are so that it understands your behaviors and patterns in the places that make up your life (bedroom, living room, garage, backyard, work, car, etc). Dot serves a dual purpose: it provides precise location data to your smartphone, and allows users to create extensible, interactable interfaces anywhere. This combination creates an invaluable asset when dealing with data — context.

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