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Friday, November 4, 2016

DESK.WORKS is a dynamically developing start-up, operating in the office sharing industry, founded in December 2015 in Poznań. Within just three months from entering the market, its value soared to 35 million PLN, with over a million from foreign investors. It is currently one of the most valuable early stage start-ups in Europe. The start-up from Poznań entered the market with DESK.WORKS mobile application, which allows for reservation of temporary workspaces in offices located all over the world. Just a few clicks are enough to rent a desk in Berlin, Sao Paulo, Singapore or in New York. The application is intuitive and dedicated to people, who are looking for a workplace, as well as office owners, who are willing to offer their offices for temporary or long-term rental. Currently, the application offers co-working spaces in 70 countries in the world, and the community, which emerged in social media thanks to the application, numbers over 16 000 people. The application has 4000 users and offers 515 working spaces and around 2000 workspaces.


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