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Sunday, November 22, 2015

DESK.WORKS WELCOME TO WORKSPACE REVOLUTION In October 2015 we are launching DESK.WORKS – a new tool to make the work life of digital nomads easier. This mobile app will allow to book workspaces in hundreds of location around the world. D.W has been created by the bunch of freaks in Poznan, Poland. Technical development is changing our everyday habits, but it also has a major influence on our work life. More and more professionals need only their laptop and Wi-Fi in order to complete all their job assignments. What it means? Traditional office is not a necessity anymore. Web designers, photographers, journalists, bloggers, startuppers – all these location independent creatives can freely move around the world, because they can get their job done no matter if they are in the middle of Manhattan or at the beach on some exotic island. Mobility, remote work, flexibility are the buzzwords of modern work life. DESK.WORKS is our reaction to these trends. It is a tool for the growing and exciting community of digital nomads. What is DESK.WORKS? DESK.WORKS is a mobile app, which allows booking temporary workspaces in hundreds of locations around the world. It takes just a few clicks to book a desk at startup offices, co-workings or other crazy place. D.W users don’t have to spend time googling temp offices in the city they visit. They don’t need to work in hotels or cafes. It doesn’t matter if they are in London, Tokyo, Beirut, Bali, Berlin, New York or Silicon Valley. They open D.W app, check the closest locations, chose the one they love, book a desk and DESK.WORKS will even show them the way to the office. How DESK.WORKS works? DESK.WORKS app can be downloaded for 1,99 USD from App Store and Google Play. New users can register or sign in through their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. If they allow their location information to the app, immediately after signing in, they will see the closest office locations. After choosing the most convenient and coolest co-working, they can book a desk and pay for it directly through the app. DESK.WORKS users can pay for every single booking (20 USD per day) or buy D.W monthly subscription (390 USD per month). Monthly subscription allows to book different desks in available location every day for a month. Office owners, who offer their desks on DESK.WORKS, can post their ads using the mobile app or through the web platform on our website:


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