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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

As a twenty-four year old in this day and age, anything is possible. With the power of so many different technologies and resources, I was able to make a dream of mine come true- having a booming app in Apple’s App Store - Cycles. “Booming” can mean different things for many people, but for me booming means having people use something that I created. Cycles - Daily habit creator is my baby and at this moment in time has 32k downloads. This app has reached all over the globe and I receive messages from people almost everyday about feedback and things they would like to see in the app. I’m one person on a computer making an app to benefit my life. Who would have ever thought 32k people would want that too? Let me back track to a time where Cycles was just a thought. As anyone who sits at a desk all day knows, it is extremely detrimental for your health if you don’t constantly schedule time to look away from the screen and do something else. Not only is it bad for your physical health, but also your mental health. Our mind starts to build these blinders when we look at the same thing for too long. We need to be doing other things in order to regain our creativity. This led me and a friend to an idea. Why isn’t there an app that constantly helps us build a habit so we can start to subconsciously remember to get out of our chairs? He suffered from chronic back pains so this was vital. This idea sunk in with me and made me start to think about all the other use cases. While health is surely important, there are so many more habits that people can build. As a student in college at the time, I had zero knowledge of iOS/watchOS development. Almost two years ago now, that's where I started my journey into Apple’s mobile development platform and Swift. After a year and a half of testing and development, Cycles was born through Pixelogic, LLC. I just did something I never thought I could accomplish. Starting off priced at $1.99 I realized the reach wasn’t there. I wanted people using the app instead of feeling hesitant. Cycles went free almost a week ago now and the results have been inconceivable. Thousands of people are now using Cycles worldwide and hopefully bettering their lives. I think the story of Cycles is a unique one in the sense that this app has helped me accomplish things I never thought I would be able to. I want to show the world that everyone can do what I did. All they need is a computer and a passion to learn to start changing lives.

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