Designer-Driven 3D Printing Subscription Box & Marketplace

Sunday, March 6, 2016

CubeForme is the premier 3D printing subscription box and marketplace aimed at connecting 3D printed creations with the world and giving 3D designers the recognition that they deserve. Built with the vision of cultivating a broader appreciation of 3D printing and a more accessible 3D printing culture, CubeForme actively works with 3D designers to offer innovative and unique gifts. CubeForme is the first subscription box to feature 3D printed goods, with a recently added marketplace for on-demand and more personalized options. From 3D printed gadgets to trinkets to art pieces, there is something for anyone to enjoy. Unlike any other 3D print shop, we offer total ease of access for customers, who do not need prior knowledge of 3D printing. Moreover, we communicate closely with our designers in curating each individual product. 10% of each order goes back toward the designer, who is also thoroughly promoted in a way not captured by any other site thus far. Each monthly subscription box is built on promoting a specific designer and his or her designs. As such, each month builds toward our ultimate goal of bridging the gap between 3D designers and the general public. Built on talented designers and the premise of giving a different kind of gift, CubeForme is your express lane to the innovation of 3D printing.

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