Airbnb for startups

Friday, June 26, 2015

Nourishing and growing a startup requires a few essentials: funding, a committed team, and the time and space to work. Concentrating on that last factor is matchmaking service Cribb — a platform which enables a network of investors and celebrities to offer promising startups the use of their vacant homes for free, in return for equity. Billed as an Airbnb for startups, Cribb helps startups seek out inspiring locations for 3-6 month long semesters. To begin, startups register their interest on the site and fill in a application. Cribb reviews each company, and those who pass the screening process are introduced to homeowners who match their needs and interests. The homeowner then decides if they want to accommodate the startup in return for five percent of their business. Cribb also offers entrepreneurial resources and support to all participating startups to help them accelerate towards the next level of funding. What other resources could wealthy investors make available to startups?

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