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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I was searching for a small, minimalist and practical wallet. And in fact I found some. The problem was that they were almost all the time just for credit cards and bills and the few wallets that could carry any coins weren't small enough. Because I am a mechanical engineering student I decided to build my own wallet, after being the Team Leader of my Collegue MotoStudent Team where we had to build a racing motorcycle from scratch and the owner of a motorcycle accessory brand, I never thought that the Craft Wallet would take me 8 months to build. So my goal for the Craft Wallet was to be the evolution of the minimalist wallet. It was done with a simple goal in mind, substitute the old bulky wallet. I knew that just building a small wallet wasn't enough, so I focused on making the most easy to use wallet while mantaining the small form factor. (96x67x8mm or 3.78x2.64x0.32in) To do that I came up with a simple mechanical system that can, with a push of a button slide 7 cards in a stair form. But for me a wallet can't be limited to just cards, the wallet is a tool that most people use to store many other things besides money and cards. So I developed a leather accessory where with just more 2mm you can store anything such as bills, coins, papers or even more cards (up to 5 more cards.) I am currently running an Indiegogo Campaign at trying to reach a 7000USD goal but we already announced some of our stretch goals and the first one is an attachable money clip when we reach 10000USD. I hope you like my project,


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