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RIVER by EcoFlow Tech

Smart, Portable Power for All Devices.


The world's first smart window system


Monitor your body composition and hydration level changes


Automated plant growing system


Saving the world from unfit kitties.

smart fenestra

fenestra - the first and only smart window

Voice Ping: Wearable Walkie Talkie

Wearable gadget transforms smartphone into a nationwide walkie talkie

Smart Armor

Bluetooth Enabled Smart Locking Systems

Smart Armor

Bluetooth Enabled Smart Locking Systems

Fingertips Lab

Control apps without looking at or touching your phone. Turns the stuff you love to read in apps int

NexGear Technology Private Limited

NexGear is a tech startup focused on developing seamlessly wearable devices.


At-home Vitamin Testing


Automatic exercise and play for your dog

FLIP IT iPhone Selfie Case

FLIP IT: The 4-in-1 iPhone Selfie Stick Case


Customized audio solutions


The smart speaker that selects the right music for you and your friends.

Somatic Labs

Turn your body into a programmable display.

Craft Wallet

Craft Wallet - The Most Fun Wallet


Secure your digital life with a USB Nitrokey

Luke Roberts

The World's Smartest Lamp

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