Widgets to track crypto on your iDevices

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Coinlytics is an iOS/iPadOS app that personalizes how you consume cryptocurrency pricing data on your iOS and iPadOS device with a core focus on Apple's WidgetKit framework. Coinlytics dramatically simplifies tracking the performance and pricing of the crypto you care about by offering customizable widgets to deliver the crypto data you need every time you unlock your iPhone or iPad. In additional we’ve created extensive customization options/complications for Apple Watch. If you hold crypto or follow this space, take a few moments to check it out - I'd love to get your feedback.

So with tons of price trackers and portfolio apps on the App Store, several of which already include pricing widgets, what’s different about Coinlytics? We believe that the widgets that come with today’s crypto price trackers/wallets are a one size fits all approach and very generic. We wanted to create a widget specific experience to consume crypto data because we personally believe that widgets are perfect for a broad demographic of hodlers who want to check their price/balance but don’t necessarily want to open an app several times a day to do so. Stepping back, Coinlytics is effectively an iOS/iPadOS widget delivery platform for crypto with a very broad set of customization options in terms of design and reporting. The app leans very heavily on WidgetKit and we’re really excited to see how the community receives it.

In additional to current and historical pricing, Coinlytics delivers DeFi metrics, blockchain statistics, foreign exchange conversions, some cool sharing features, a rich set of alerting features including wallet monitoring, news and lots more.

It's also really important to acknowledge what's missing from Coinlytics. There are some omissions in the app that may irk the more sophisticated crypto holders / traders. For example we don’t have candle charts, we’re not a wallet (no buying, selling or holding although the app does let you create alerts for wallet balances) and we don’t (currently) offer exchange specific pricing - all our pricing data is aggregated (our data provider is Nomics and they’re awesome). We know this will put off some hard core crypto folks but feel it’s important to highlight our product focus which is widgets and leveraging the way that Apple has delivered them within the WidgetKit framework. We also did a ton of research and believe that there is a solid demographic of users for which widgets are the perfect way to check pricing and keep track of the crypto they care about and early beta testing seemed to support that narrative.

We know that the crypto community is extremely passionate and we’ve worked hard to create something that is visually fresh, fun and exciting. We look forward to any and all feedback.

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