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Friday, February 27, 2015

Capsule is an easy to use text, photo, and video message scheduler. It’s perfect for social reminders, self motivation, and everything in between. It’s a free app, it’s almost easier than texting, and it can deliver messages at any chosen moment. - "This is by far the best designed app I've seen of it's kind, and the fact that it's actually free and works well, I don't need to keep looking for a text scheduler" - Max Altman - "Capsule takes the little voice inside your head and puts it in an app. I send texts and videos to myself all the time to remember. Can't do that with the reminders app" - Vinny Calianno - "This does exactly what I need it to do! Finally a way to text my friends when I know they'll be off work. So many uses for such a simple app, great job guys" - Megan Ebeck


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