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Logo To Use

The internet’s source of free logos

CSS Generators

A CSS only generator for zig-zag, rounded and wavy borders

Weecheck v2

Simple email verification to improve deliverability

Get Sum

Groceries shopping list

Rombo UI Kit

Smart and efficient marketing UI kit for Figma

Ads Audit by Roibox

Discover and fix your Google ads performance issues

Free AI-powered newsletter sending out tech product ideas

micro stat

We make it easy to publish metrics from your app

HireBeat 2.0

Attract, screen and hire in a heartbeat, no more spreadsheet

StackOverflow Jobs Alternatives

List of alternatives to the best job board in the world

Healthy Debate AI

Stop hate and anger in Slack

Happy Type

Typing affirmations for your positive mind

Quality Questions

Get life changing questions In your inbox every week

MyAlice for Shopify

Multichannel helpdesk, live chat, agent management & chatbot

Audio Jam

♫♪ Design For Musician ♪♫

Folder Colorizer for Mac

Change folder color on macOS in 1-click


The one stop solution to build custom prompts with AI tech

The Pixlverse

A collaborative Metaverse created by the NFT community

CoronaVirus Bot

A friendly telegram bot that helps inform you on the crisis

World Weather Info

Cities search by weather parameters

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