The simplest to-do list app in the milky way galaxy


Saturday, September 9, 2017

THE SIMPLEST TODO LIST IN THE MILKY WAY GALAXY We stripped away all the clutter and confusion of today’s project management apps and todo lists — so you can focus on getting things done. SIMPLE IS BETTER • Hide everything but what you have to work on today, so you can stay focused. One click to bring it all back so you can look at the big picture. • Keyboard shortcuts allow you to work quickly without using your mouse • Coming Soon: Extra add-ons and plugins so you can keep Bzzy lean or power up QUICK TAGS • Use #hashtags to categorize tasks by project or keyword • Use !dates to set reminders and bring tasks to the top of the stack when you need to see them • Use @team_member to assign tasks to other team members. TEAMWORK • Work together on big projects, while staying focused on your list. • Project managers can control what team members can edit or see • Users can view and edit tasks of other team members. STAY ORGANIZED • Prioritize your day quickly by dragging and dropping your tasks • Set up different teams if you are using Bzzy for _____ (different jobs? Organizing your life?) • Use the Bzzy web app on your computer or the Bzzy mobile app on your phone. Tasks are always synchronized, so you can (stay up to date / know what’s up) no matter where you are. ITS FREE You’ll always be able to use Bzzy for free. We’re in open beta now, so sign up and start using the app immediately to get early access to features, plug-ins, and extra teams. Look for more features and options with Bzzy Premium in Summer 2017.


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