Dine-cycle solution


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Butlrr has 2 faces to it. One is a Dine-Cycle solution for the restaurant and other one is a lifestyle service for customers. We are creating a platform, which will help both, restaurant and customer to understand each other. We are both a service and a product. • As service, we are an enabler when a customer wants to have a great dining experience: o List/recommend restaurant options o Table reservation o In-restaurant order through app o In-restaurant payment through app • As product, we build algorithms, which run on the all-important data and enable the service of providing a great dining experience. o Use restaurant data to help customer make choice of restaurant and food items and personalize the service o Use customer data to help restaurants achieve marketing efficiencies and grow their business The biggest asset we create will be customer level data which will only keep growing and help all the 3 stakeholders (Restaurants, Butlrr, Customer) in this process to make better decisions. For a restaurant, every individual entering a restaurant is just like any other. Restaurants serve according to what they think is the right way and not according to how the customer wants to be served. There is no way a restaurant can differentiate among customers and serve them accordingly. We saw a need to create a platform to enable implicit interaction between the two, which can make the whole process seamless for both and create value on the whole. Butlrr will increase the expectations of the customer and simultaneously allow the restaurant to meet them. There is no close competition to this solution. Still, there are a lot of players in different stages of the dine-cycle. • Pre dine: o Zomato, Eazydiner, Burrp - Reviews, restaurant recommendations o Dine-Out, Wowtables- Table reservation • Post Dine: o Momoe, Ruplee, Quick Wallet: Payment solutions o Twyst, Crown-It: Offers, discounts • Dine-In: Error 404. Not found- No competition and this is our USP Moreover, the whole concept of Butlrr is to give an experience based on customer’s implicit preferences, which can only be identified using past data. No other company captures this data. We are talking about a next level, analytics in restaurant industry.


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