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Thursday, May 25, 2017

We're an app that allows people to take, view, and instantly share photos with everyone around them. Whether it be at a wedding, concert, or party, we centralize all photos taken on Blurr into one communal feed, giving users access to pictures and moments from immeasurable vantage points. Blurr purely connects people at the same place, at the same time and gives our users a shared experience through photos. Full 'walk-through' details in the App Store description :) Why did we create Blurr in the first place? It started in College as a personal pain point. We were fed up with not having any pictures to go back, view, and remember the incredible times we were experiencing. We literally solved our problem with Blurr. Then we realised we've actually created an app with much, much more value. Blurr is an app that uses technology to bring people having the same shared experience closer together. Social Media is inherently disconnecting the people we're physically with, and we provide a utility to bring people together during their best experiences. We think that's pretty cool, let us know if you think so too!

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