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Monday, September 26, 2016

BattleSteps is a free mobile app that turns you into a formidable warrior. The app matches you to a mean opponent everyday for a 12-hour epic battle. Steps are your only weapon. Beat your opponents and join the elite leagues!

Walking an hour a day is really important to our health, but most fitness apps and wearables fail to motivate us after the first few weeks. BattleSteps turns walking into an engaging and delightful game anyone can play and win!

BattleSteps only works on iPhone 5s or later (they come with step counting hardware). The app is for anyone who likes walking and enjoys a challenge. Because opponents are randomly picked, it's a no-pressure fun challenge.

What's amazing about BattleSteps:

  1. Being matched to a new user everyday is suspenseful.
  2. Hourly wins/losses makes you want to walk every hour.
  3. Going up levels feels like you accomplished something.
  4. The app is gorgeous and intuitive.
The app is currently in private beta. Users can download the app from the App Store at . VIP Access code LAUNCHINGNEXT will take you off the waitlist.


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