Newest Trending Startups

Take Me There

URL Shortener powered by Google Apps Script


A collection of Windows terminal themes

โœ… / ๐Ÿš€

Hootsuite on steroids driven by data science ๐Ÿš€

Remedy8 v2.0

Remediate from your stress through fidgeting

Felix AI

Turn your blog posts into videos, stories and audio clips.

A habits journal centred around privacy

Carter Everywhere Mug

The travel mug designed specifically for specialty coffee.

You Will Die in X Weeks

A stark reminder of the finiteness of life

The New Twitter for Mac

The new Twitter app built on Apples Catalyst

Sigma FP

The worlds smallest, full-frame camera


Turn your reading lists into a beautiful personal newsletter

Atomic Habits

A habits journal centred around privacy

GrowYourBase 2.0

Earn and build your digital asset portfolio

Scan For Table

Please scan to be seated! A restaurant wait list SaaS

Bravos Fitness

Bravos counts your reps & save a visual gif of your workout

Simplifi by Quicken

The simple way to stay on top of your finances.

The Calm Booth

Meditation meets privacy

Nikon Z50

A super compact mirrorless camera from Nikon

Gradient Community Notebooks

Jupyter notebooks you can run on free cloud GPUs

Tim Cookware

The biggest thing to happen to cookware since cookware

Work Club

Choose your coworkers. Work from unexpected places.

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