BuckMeUp is completely merit-based, meaning that the prices that our sellers charge are directly related to the quality of work they produce. When a buyer is asked to rate the sellers work at the end of the service, we were initially worried that people may not want to buck a seller up (even if the work the was provided was great) because it would mean the sellers price will go up and that buyer will have to pay more if they decide to buy from that seller again. However, what we found shortly after launching the site was that our buyers were very supportive and wanted to see the sellers price rise.Buyers wanted to see the sellers they had worked with succeed and grow on the site and many of the buyer still returned to the original seller seven know they were paying slightly more than before.

This really showed us that people inherently want to do good for others and support those that are worth supporting. Many freelance sites think what consumers want is a great deal aka “buy a $100 logo for only $10”. But after seeing the comments, reviews and customer behavior on BuckMeUp, it is very apparent that people want value more then they want a deal. We see that consumer prefer paying $100 for a logo over $10, as long as they are getting equal value for the price they paid i.e Your logo looks like a $100 logo.

To date, this has been the biggest leaning experience for us. We are now in the middle of working with some researchers to find the best way to educate buyers on the value of freelance services, this way it will make it much easier for buyer to see that they are indeed getting their moneys worth then they buy from a freelancer.