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Newest Startups

Folder Peek

Put folders in the menu bar on your Mac

Engati for Shopify

Grow your Shopify business with omnichannel CX

Happy Eyes

Protect your eyes from eye strain with Happy Eyes

Engati for Shopify

Grow your Shopify business with omnichannel CX

Bonding Association

Solving the loneliness problem with the bonding association

Smart itinerary with the help of artificial intelligence

Resume Writing Assistant

Resume examples to use for inspiration and write your own

AWS Bootstrap

Full stack on AWS in one click

Framer Sites

Design and publish websites faster than ever before

Conclave Cloud

Always encrypted functions as a service

Skiff Mail

Private, end-to-end encrypted, open-source mail

Super designer

Design tools that give you super powers

MOFT Cooling Stand

Minimalist designed cooling stand for laptops

Sales Dialer For Mobile

Make more calls, No Dialling and Automated voicemail drops

Stripe Apps

Build an app on Stripe

YC Prep by Anima

Practice your story, get ready to a 10 minute VC interview

Muse 2.0

Whiteboarding, notetaking, and connecting the dots

React Bricks

CMS with visual editing based on React components

doodooc Music Visualizer

Online generative music visualization platform

Vantage Autopilot

Automatically Reduce your AWS Costs by 50%

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