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Letterbase Resources

Evergrowing list of resources to grow your newsletter

Email reminders for tabs you want to close & read later

Anyplace Select

Remote work-friendly accommodations

Hashnode Sponsors

A no paywall system to monetize your developer blogs

Snowflakes Hash

Avatars waiting to be claimed by anyone on xDai chain


AI powered, auto-tracking phone mount

Walking Routes

Easily hit your 10K steps with our dynamic route generator

Personal Websites

100+ handpicked personal websites to get inspired

Iriun Webcam

Use your Android phone as a wireless webcam


Crowdsourced verified Covid resources in India

Kickstart Side Hustle

Behavioral economics & viral marketing to kickstart your biz

Think Confluent

GPT-3 powered tool to make your remote team feel integrated

Animaker Deck

Kill boring presentations with avatars, gifs, and animations

Dashblock 2.0

Turn any website into an API

Back Git Up

Disaster recovery for your code on Github and Bitbucket.

Next Full Moon

All in one calendar to find the next full moon date

Master Vim

Learn Vim with interactive exercises

Fomo Cryptocurrency Calculator

Calculate your regret for not investing in crypto sooner

Dashword App

Structure ideas, projects & concepts

Staging App

Manage your staging environments right from Slack

Jiffy Lead

Free, fast data on your sales leads

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