Newest Trending Startups

Know Your Attack Surface

Your digital assets exposed to the internet create threats.

Free Porto Illustrations

Get for free 20 stylish hand drawn illustrations

Oryx Cloud

Like Shopify but for service businesses with integrated CRM

QR Code Generator For Developers

A quick API to generate QR codes in your apps


Turn your GoogleDrive and OneDrive into a CDN

Internal Enterprise

Build enterprise-ready internal tools, fast.

Wizza Theme

Dark theme for Visual Studio Code

Indie Drops

The hottest deals on early-stage products

Mindstamp 2.0

Make any video interactive in seconds ๐Ÿ‘

Divjoy 2.0

React codebase & UI generator

Companies Market Cap

The "CoinMarketCap" for companies

EthDNS and EthLink

EthLink is EthDNS for the .eth domain.

Gyroscope AI

Automatically track everything about your health

VOY Tunable Glasses

Tune your glasses to yourself

Ella the Engineer in STEM Treasure Hunt

Encouraging girls to pursue STEM interests.

Investor Pitch Trainer

Practice your pitch with 200+ real investor questions

Friendspire 2.0

Find better recommendations for what to watch, read or eat


The cyberpunk-inspired radio station for netrunners

Resolution Board

Notion template to manage all your 2021 goals

Backlink Tool

A backlink tool to index your links quickly and freely.

FAANG engineering jobs in one spot.

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