Newest Trending Startups

Fish Swami

Fishing logbook to record trips, analyze catches & find fish

Input Kit from Framer

Use real inputs in all your designs

Halfway Pint

Find a halfway pint to re-connect with your friend in London

Beat Lock

Discover who is using your beat in music streaming services

VaxYes - Digital Vaccine Card

Free, secure, verified, digital vaccine card

DJI Air 2S

A $999 drone featuring a 1-inch 20MP sensor and 5.4k video


Shorten your links, track, target or rotate them

Send It

Stream live video to your audience easily

Motus Orbit+

Next level hula hoop experience to get fit

Beezer Golf

The most flexible golf scorecard

Dev Dad Jokes

Take a break & share a joke with your developer friends

Covid19 Travel Information

Corona virus related travel information, updated daily

UpNote for Android

The most pleasant notes app on Android, Mac, Windows and iOS

Privacy Policy Template by Juro

Get a privacy policy people can actually read

Super Simple Stories

Bite-sized videos on tech innovations

Document eSign

Cloud based platform for electronic signatures

Best New Tab

Transform the Chrome/Firefox new tab -> a productivity suite

Beta Console

A live list of developer tool beta releases

Venue Twin

Fully interactive 3D version of any venue

3D business characters by Icons8

Vibrant and detailed 3D people to make your work POP!

Read with Amira

Voice AI-based reading tutor for kids

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