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Social Song

Your Twitter name converted into the soundtrack of your life

Piggy Boxxy

A paper wallet subscription box for your #altcoin portfolio

Origami Simulator

Simulate how any origami crease pattern will fold


A JavaScript API for unconventional text effects on the web.

The Tola Legend

Every bag provides one month of education for a young girl

Better Humans

The most trustworthy writing on self-improvement


The simplest live chat in the world

CECY Teleclutch

Patented iPhone Crossbodies for the modern woman (or man!)

Passionboard 2.0

IMDb of Startups; get free review of your startups

Coinbase Commerce

Accept BTC, ETH & other digital currencies in your business

Arcade CRM

The Affordable Gmail Centered CRM for SMB's

State of Digital Publishing

Online publication & community for digital media professionals


Software development metrics for non-techies

Leapsome Feedback

Create a thriving feedback culture via Gmail & Slack


Snap a selfie and see your celeb look-alike.


Marketplace for artists/designers to sell artwork printed on plywood

Find e-mail address based on Linkedin searches.

Between Gigs in New York

Social Job Board for NYC Creatives

Flow Studio by Wia

Where people and things go to talk by Netflix

Reveal your relationship’s expiration date on Slack

An AI scheduling assistant in Slack

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