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Tweetbot 5

Redesigned Twitter client with GIPHY support & new dark mode


I'm Anibal and I live in Zurich. I'm interested in Economics, Antiquing and Hindi art. I like travelling and reading fantasy.

Brainwave Research and Engineering Ltd.

A charity trying to create safe superintelligence.

Helm Personal Server

A personal server for owning your email and more

Cultural Insights

Travel insights about behaviours in every country.

Coda Packs

Connect your doc to the apps you use everyday.

Upcase by thoughtbot

An online learning platform for developers - now free

SoundFlux Earbuds

Industry leading dual driver true wireless earbuds

My Octocat by Github

Build your own octocat

Pickvideo app

Watch videos of the best-rated songs on Billboard, Spotify, Itunes and YouTube.

GitHub Actions

Automate your workflow from idea to production

Comio Mobiles

Latest 4g Mobiles Phones in India


Miniflix is the first to offer a curated library of award-winning short films all in one place.

Custom Reusable Stickers by PIKLIP

Mess-free reusable stickers

Chudo Messenger

Turn yourself into cartoon character and chat

Swarm 6.0

Lifelogging, now powered by social discovery

Flex Cam Oppy

Handheld camera with a flex-body

Static Object

Data-driven insight for developer impact and code review

Vote Worms by Cards Against Humanity

Candy to encourage trick-or-treaters to vote ๐Ÿ›

Fast French Food

Easy, fast and healthy French dinner plans.

Hero Health

A smart appliance to dispense & track medication

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