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PR for Growth Playbook

Step-by-step guide on PR for startups & growing businesses

Airim 2.0

Show personalised FAQs before live chat


Design to live website in one click.

Kin Euphorics

Get a buzz without the booze

Tiny Instruments

Let tiny instruments brighten up your day!

Solar Wallet

Simple and secure Stellar wallet


Automatic, fair, peer-to-peer podcast donations with Ether

WhatsApp Share Link Generator

A handy tool to generate WhatsApp sharing links.

You Need A Wiki

Create a wiki with Google Docs

Copy Samba

Your best source to find & hire an A-list copywriter

The intelligence network for trees

Voice Principles

Guiding principles for voice design, all in one place

Lite IM

Easily buy crypto in Messenger, Telegram or SMS

Typewrite Something

A minimalistic typewriter simulator

Automated Documentation by Tettra

Tettra lets you automate your documentation with Zapier

Mini Diary

Simple and secure journal app

Enter Tickets

Enter is an event ticket sales platform ๐ŸŽซ

Amber Video

Video authentication to counter deepfakes

Bound 2

The dating app for hip hop fans

Savage Reply

App that makes you savage.

Frrames Mockups

Free vector mockup windows for your presentations

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