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STYL – Dress Confidently, Together ™

Honest but kind outfit advice

Arcane Marks

Hide sensitive details of an image in 2 clicks.


Slimbox declutters your inbox in seconds


Send emails that don't end up in spam

Crypterium Card

The first and only global cryptocurrency card.

Currentus currency converter

170 currencies in your pocket


Blocks websites on safari for iOS and macOS.

Keep a tab on your day


Fast, secure, private VPN

Networking Email Handbook

Free book of email templates to help you grow your network.

Osiris Browser

No ads, fast, secure browser

Nobbas Real Estate App

AI-powered, suggestive home swiping & real estate app

Cloud of Goods

Rental marketplace for travelers

Arcane Docs

Blockchain-based alternative for Google Docs.

Task Guide

Tag team your tasks

Hang Time

Hang out with friends and family!


Node.js scratchpad for macOS with direct access from menubar

ImportDoc Block for WordPress

Put the contents of a Google Doc in a Gutenberg block

Arcane Sheets

Blockchain-based alternative for Google Sheets.

Side Project Stack

Get the best tech stack to make your next Indie Maker App

These Lyrics Do Not Exist

Song lyrics generated for any topic using AI

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