Newest Trending Startups

Bookshop UK

Support local bookshops

ALLO for iPad

Turn your iPad into a remote office

Modula Email Templates

Users interact more with emails, make them pretty

Helpdesk by LabiDesk

All-in-one helpdesk to assist, engage & sell to leads

Eureka Surveys

Survey over 1 million people within minutes

Newsdata API

Platform to search and collect worldwide news

Highest Homies

Cannabis personal services and experiences marketplace

The Top Chat 2.0

The best way to send scheduled and recurring Slack messages

Snoweb SVG

SVG Database

Unconscious Bias Detector by Text IQ


Templates Library by Helppier

Curated directory of 40+ in-app messaging templates for SaaS

Async AI

Run hyper-efficient asynchronous meetings via Email

Swipe to Study

Learn languages with YouTube videos

Setclo - Your Virtual Closet

Organize your closet and randomly generate outfits

Ape Wisdom

Wallstreetbets tracker with an API

Protect My Files

Manage privacy & user access of your Google & OneDrive files

Collaboration tool to test APIs & publish beautiful API docs

Bitcoin or IPO

Calculate the opportunity cost of not buying bitcoin

Product Makers

A Slack community to connect with other makers

Cake: Group Video Gifts

Collect videos and cash towards an epic group gift

Oh My Menu

Create and serve digital menus with QR codes

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