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SparkNotes for decision making

My World

Revolutionary Ground breaking war based startegy game

Brainwave Research and Engineering Ltd.

A charity trying to create safe superintelligence.

IB League

Community of world's leading executives

Crawler Site

Understanding your users has never been so easy


A Practical Guide to Entrepreneurship & Life


Automate Stock Trading Without Code


Prioritization done right.

Marketing Ramen

marketing strategies for startups on a budget


Visualize Your Marketing Strategy and Drive Growth

The Feelancer

A Global Magazine for the Freelancing World.


Turn your marketing strategy into an interactive infographic.

Project and idea prioritization for decision makers and teams.


Growth hacking as a service

Worth The Squeeze

Some of the world’s top academics, authors, entrepreneurs and investors have come together to bring


CayenneApps - applications to improve business and personal life

Web Strategy By Jeremiah Owyang: Web Marketing, Social Media

Articles by McKinsey Quarterly: Online business journal of McKinsey & Company. Business Management Strategy - Corporate Strategy - Global Business Strategy

McKinsey Quarterly: an online business journal of Business Management Strategy articles, surveys, and interviews, covering Global Business Strategy, published by McKinsey & Company. Business management journal addressing Corporate Strategy in China, Europe, India, the US, and other regional economies. always branding. always on., the world's only online exchange about branding.

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